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"Matrix 505"

This 505 is currently listed on ebay. It was inspired by the Matrix movies (obviously). I manipulated a matrix-style screen saver and made it "reveal" a hidden background picture...I think it looks pretty cool.The case has been painted in golden and silver-blue metallic paint, and the face has an overlay of the zmatrix screen saver showing trailing characters similar to the shots in the movies. The Xion faceplate on the mod box has 4 embedded green LEDs which are controlled by the yellow switch. The other switches control 18 individual bends which can be layered or stacked to change the effects. I mounted a lamp to the back of the machine itself which takes regular LEDs. The link between the 505 and mod box has been covered in my trademark black velvet for extra class. The Xion (pronounce Zion) faceplate acutally came from a broken computer case that I had lying around. As soon as I saw it I knew that it would make an excellent addition to one of my projects. This was the first time I had added an actual light fixture to the 505 itself. I may consider doing it again w/ a different style. The only drawback to this was that the light didn't fold flat against the machine...oh well. :)

Color Changing 505

This 505 was great. I immediately knew that it would be a hit because of the color changing paint. The paint shifts from blue to purple depending on the angle at which it is viewed. I wanted to do the mod box in glow in the dark paint, but funds were tight at the time and I actually lost my can of GID paint :( My wife and I were expecting our first child so I had no $$ to buy more. The joysticks are fun to work with, but don't provide as much versatility as the regular Sega controllers that I usually use and love.

Gold 505

Of all the 505's I have bent this is probably the one I wanted to keep the most. It has a flat black bottom, and gold face that really shines. I personally did all of the artwork on the face of the mod box and in hindsight it turned out spectacular. The reverse bass clef represents the reversed art of circuit bent sounds. There is also an optical sensor connected to the two male rca jacks making it an assignable light resistor. This machine was also being finished around the time we were moving and getting ready for the baby so I had to reuse my personal mod box from my sk-1 and adapt it for this machine. The little white spool in the corner is actually a motor that the user can attach a fan to to keep themselves cool during jam sessions. The switch to the left controls it and there is a battery pack mounted inside the box (3 AAs I think). Two of the switches are assignable and the others are linked to killer bends. There is a switch on the side that controls the four red momentaries. They are push to break so the switch turns them all on and the user can manipulate them real-time. Once again the joystick was mounted for ultimate playability. I love black velvet velour so that is what is lining the inside of the box.

Silver 505

This is the most intricate 505 that I have built. The sheer amount of bend points mounted on these boxes astounds me. I tore apart my old Game Boy unit just for this box (it was / is still functional), and also tore apart an old digital camera simply for the housings. I can't begin to explain all of the features of this machine... it pretty much speaks for itself. The face of the machine is one of the few times I have hand-labeled the buttons. In general I think it gives these machines a semi-sloppy appearance in part because my handwriting is crap, but I figured if the buyer didn't like it they could just rub it off. I think the best part of this machine aside from the game boy housing is the velvet picture around the digital display. I cut it out of the daft punk self labeled album and it kicks ass.

"Sega 505"

This 505 was unique in the fact that all of the external controls are authentic Sega parts. I loved the Sega Genesis system, and remember playing the master system as a kid. I decided to integrate the two and the machine turned out wonderfully. This machine is also a rare example where I had taped off all of the wording to preserve it before painting. I probably won't do this anymore because of the extremely long time and concentration it took to do the taping.

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