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The Unbreakable Sadness

This particular 707 took me over 100 hours to complete. I named it the Unbreakable Sadness because every time I picked it up and started to jam out, the bends would end up screaming like a crying baby. The thing was / is unstoppable. The circuit bent guitar sounds amazing can actually play notes on the fret and jam out on the 3 string switches. The 6 rca cables make the guitar "strings" into a switch box of sort. The "strings" act as always-on momentary switches for the 707 bends!!! I loved making this unit and jammed with it heavily before it sold on ebay. Just another specimen of the unique ways I try to "re-invent" these instruments.

Wave 707

This 707 was put on ebay as a custom piece. It was originally a DIY piece where the 707 itself was bent and finished, but the mod box was left plain for the buyer to finish as he/she would like. The guy who ended up buying it asked me to finish the box to match the 707. It took a little time, but throxx was uber satisfied with the finished product. I wanted to name this one the Tsunami box, but the horrible disaster happened right before I put this on ebay and out of respect to all whose lives were changed by it, I named it the wave box instead. I almost kept this box, but needed the money for moving.

Flame 707

The flame 707 is awesome. I can't say enough about this machine. All of the switches are assignable, and the paint job is kick ass. The velour lining on the box is a nice touch and the silver junction box just adds anice touch of detail.

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